Overview of Go10 works:

Go10 is a music rapper/producer that has produced a wide range of albums.
Project titles include: 10 beats 4 you (Instrumental Album) by Go10, GroundKontrol by Northstar Warriorz, Glazin On You Vol.1 MIXTAPE by Nolo, UnderWorld Tha Movement MIXTAPE By Uzi, Fluent Harmonics(Instrumental Album) with production from T-Jilla of Dynamik duo, Victory(an album produced and writen by Go10) and 10 Beatz 4 You 2 (Instrumental Album) with production from T-Jilla of Dynamik duo. These projects are available online and iTunes store. his musical productions has a versatile style with expressions of past pain, struggles and the spiritual growth that influences his techniques when producing music. Go10's Track: No Turning Back have been featured in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta also his track with T-Jilla: Speed Racer was featured in cable series Franken Food on Spike TV.

Go10's Musical Influences:

Go10's music is strongly inspired by The Rza, J-dilla, Outkast, Three 6 Mafia and Deadmau5. his style is similar to Rza's production style and the way that he chop samples. When it comes to J-Dilla, Go10 always makes a musical production in honor of him because of J Dilla's creative sampling style and soulful beats. Go10's laid back, out of this world futuristic style productions is influence highly from the group OutKast. Lastly Go10's trap and dance tracks has its influence from the crunk, turned up and 808 hitting sound of Three 6 Mafia with his dance tracks having its influence from the variety of Deadmau5.

Go10's Current Projects:

Go10 current projects available now in digital stores: Vertigo is a dance track produced by Go10 with a fun but with a strange and Dark theme to it that fits perfect for an up coming halloween party. Your Greatest Weapon is a track written and produced by Go10 that is based off past memories when hanging with his old hip hop crew Common Threat and a woman that help him through tough times. Pain featuring Uzi produced and writen by Go10 is a track that expresses the pain that he was going through after the lost of his brother and father.

Go10's Current Projects:

Go10 is always evolving to make his productions the best that it can be. From going through ups and downs in his life he said that: "music has always been that light at the end of the tunnel to lead me back to the emerald city of the greater side of me." So he is always working hard on his musical productions to stay within current popular musical trends but still reflects that pain, struggle, heartbreak and spiritual growth that makes him what he is today that musical artist/producer that Fights Never Surrender.

Go10's Musical Credits:

Go10's Track: No Turning Back have been featured in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta also His track with T-Jilla: Speed Racer was featured in cable series FrankenFood on Spike TV. Go10 has been featured in webzines: Flyah Magazine and Middle Tennessee Music Magazine. Featured on college and internet radio station: Crescent City Radio, Blaze 1 Radio and Juice Radio. Go10's Pain featuring Uzi was Promoted through UGF Entertainment.